Yes, another "What amp?" thread, but I could really use some opinions before I start shopping/listening around to hopefully refine my search a bit. Ive got all the guitar I'll ever need, a Fender American Strat, and an Epiphone G-400 custom with EMG's, so now I'm ready to get a real amp. Right now I use a Digitech GNX4 with a PA speaker, which I love, but I want a regular amp that is extremely versatile and capable of delivering killer tone by itself. I have a Peavey Valveking 112 combo as well, and its ok, but it still leaves a lot to be desired for some of the stuff I play.

I play everything.....seriously everything. Blues, Rock, Pop, 80's/Metal and Heavy Metal.......moreso on the metal/rock side of things though. The budget is really not an issue. Id prefer to spend under a grand if I could get my dream amp for that, but truth be told if it takes $2500 to get it, I will do it. I've got a few things in mind:

Mesa Boogie Mark V: I salivate everytime I read about this amp. I don't need a half stack, but this amp supposedly has a 10W, 45W and 90W modes combined with countless other features, so its really really tempting! It also seems (if the Mark IV is any indication) to be one of the most versatile amps out there. Very $$$$ though, and in fact I havent even seen the price yet on the Mark V but based on the Mark IV it cant be cheap. Plus, since I'm looking forward to getting something I can dial in different tones quicker than my GNX4 pedal/PA speaker, the Mark series might not be the best choice as it seems they have tons of ways to tweak the sound. In a live situation do any of you Mark owners think the amp is too technical to dial in quickly?

-I've also read that the B-52 AT100 is a very good amp for the price similar to a Mark IV. Any opinions on this one?

-Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 combo: This also seems very versatile and I love some of the tone I hear from this on youtube videos.

-Ive even though about trying to find a used JCM900 head or something similar. Im afraid of half stacks because I really play mostly at room volume, but it would be nice to have the capability to eventually be in a band with this amp. Will I lose tone with a half stack if I'm playing it at really low volumes? Ive also considered the Peavey 6505 combo but I'm afraid it won't have enough of the clean that I want.

As you can tell I'm really all over the map here, and could use some advice. Im probably going to be spending a lot of money so I want to make sure I get it right.
If you have the money for a Mark V, i'd go for it. The Express is good as well.
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the Mark V's the best amp you listed for you
you could look for a used Mark III or IV though
look at Engl's too
Express 5:50 is good, but Youtube isnt a great way to judge amp sound, since it isnt the greatest quality usually
but try it out, It's an awesome amp, the Mark series is better, but the express is awesome
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If I buy a Mark V, does anyone know if it will come with a cabinet? Or do they sell them just the head by itself?

I'm wondering if Id be able to find a good deal on a Mark IV once the V is out, but I understand those still sell for darn near what they were brand new!
I went to the local Mesa dealer today. I got to play an Express 5:50, which I really loved the cleans on and liked the 5W mode for bedroom play, but the lead channel didnt quite have as much beef to it as I wanted....so I gave the dual rectifier a listen. Pretty bad@ss amp, much more versatile on the clean channel than I thought it was. This actually might be a good choice for me and I am going to consider looking for a used one. To my disappointment, they had no Mark amps, not Mark IV or Mark V. The Mark V is supposedly coming out within the next month.....and they have just sold through all of their Mark IV stock. I think I am pretty much going to be stuck between the Mark V or a Dual Rectifier, but I'm still a little torn about getting a combo or stack. I was thinking a 2x12 cabinet as an in between, but like I said I really don't know. I am a little shocked at the price of the 2x12 rectifier cabinets. $650 for 2 Celestion V30's essentially, it almost seems like I should just look elsewhere for the cabinet, but then again if I'm going to go all out why not just get a Mesa?

The salesman told me the Mark V head would be $2099, the 1x12 combo would be $2199.

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You can get a custom made avatar 212 with your choice of speakers (including v30s) for 400, i think thats a pretty damn good deal...
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