The Red Shore (AUS)
Miss May I
Confession (AUS)
As Blood Runs Black

actually youve probly herd of ABRB
Luna Mortis
After the Burial
Into Eternity
Conducting From the Grave
In Mourning
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1. This is the hardcore forum
2. Those bands are amazing
Check out my band Disturbed
I don't know how popular Tera Melos is outside of California, but they're awesome.
not many people, but it was heaps of fun

ive seen a flier for the goldcoast show around somewhere but i cant find it now.. www.myspace.com/deadnationrecords the line up is there anyway

that's gavin aka dead nation records.. he does most of the gold coast shows now so if you add him you will always get updates on shows.

he actually booked the whole trash talk tour, which is pretty cool
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Show looks pretty solid, ghost town and diegodie are both good bands. Fuck, the Perth shows have such solid lineups.