this is supposed to be a fairly deathcore esque song , just trying out some new things:

everything that has built up over the years now transfixes itself within you
within my knife
within my smile
Remember my face? you should
but when i'm done i'll make sure no-one recognizes yours
you looked better in red anyways

This will be your bleak dissolution
I will rid the world of your filth
I lean over for one final kiss
as i drive my dagger up your clit
you cant hide the fact that u like it w/h/o/r/e
knifed up the c/u/n/t
you cry

So where's your pleasure now?
Is it on the edge of my knife?
there is no dignity. there is no self-respect

and as i watch you bleed from every wretched hole
i cant help but think that u brought this upon yourself
now you're dead you ****ing c/u/n/t
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wow that's brutal and it may turn some guys on thinking of this but it's an awesome song and deserves a place on a deathcore album