i recently got a Shecter Omen 6 with a floyd rose..but they didnt tell me how to re-string it,i shood have probably worked that out before i got it but ohh well. can anyone explain how to re-string?

thanks a heap
2 ways: normal, and cleaning. normal way just replace 1 string at a time. i sometimes like to clean off the whole neck of grit and grime, so i take 2 soda caps and place them under the floyd (floating style only of course), and then remove all the strings. this will keep the floyd in a decent equilibrium so you can clean it.
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1. Remove the locking nut from the top
2. Take out the broken string and remove it from the bridge by pushing the floyd down and unscrewing the part that sticks out.
3. Put the new string on.
5. Set the fine tuners to mid setting.
6. Tune in this order E-e-B-A-G-D
Try that any more professional people than me correct me if im wrong anywhere
Don't worry its not hard to fix the strings on a floyd the only thing to worry about is the whole tension thing and i've fixed mine at least 3 or 4 times and its been fine.
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as far as one string at a time, I typically cut off the whole set at once because I can't be arsed to be delicate around the other strings. Having the trem completely free-floating also allows you to do some intonation or maintenance work that you may need. One example of this is sticky fine-tuners, mine are old and get gummed up and in order to reset them fully I have to have to floyd completely free and loose.

bfredder92: I'm not sure what you meant by your tuning order. I tune my guitar beginning with low E, moving on to A, and retuning my E and A strings once more before moving on to my D. I tune in this fashion to ensure the strings are retaining their proper tension and thusly proper tension is being placed upon the floyd rose.
You wouldn't want to tune the whole guitar and go back to check on your E and find that is a c# or something.
it makes the job a hell of a lot harder.

it's his first time.

there's a floyd setup thread at the top of the page, like said.

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Good luck, it gets alot easier once you've done it correctly a few times.

My first time I think I spent 3-4 hours restringing and messing with the tension strings in the back. I had bought the guitar used so the bridge was really outta wack. Keep in mind you may have to invest some time to make sure the tuning is rock solid.