On the safeness, it depends on what you're downloading.

If you're downloading the legal content like trailers and TV shows and such, then it's safe.

If you download illegal torrents from sketchy places on the internet, then it's never really safe.
It's legal. It's safe. Although much of the stuff on there is kinda bad, I just use it for torrents.

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Vuze is a safe, legit program.

And what you use it for can be legal. But of course legal is all perception.
Downloading music without paying is illegal, but good luck ever getting caught.

Use PeerGuardian if you're paranoid.
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Vuze + Isohunt = good tiems

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I only plan on getting a couple music albums from it…i would rather buy from local bands but not stuff like all that remains and stuff. theyre rich enough
Use something better than Vuze, like uTorrent.
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