Under my profile, and just for fun can anyone guess what guitar I used?
Thats a really good cover, almost sounds original, did you sing?!

And isit a fender strat?
Nope, and no it's not a strat, it's not on my gearlist I'll tell you that much. Thanks for listening
I'm leaving the guitar a secret for now unless somebody gets it, but I'm using a crate vintage club 50 watt tube amp into a crappy desktop mic into cakewalk music creator 4, thanks for listening
Alright, it's an SX les paul custom copy, got it for $200, sings like an angel!
After listening to WAY TOO MANY bad posts of cover songs, FINALLY someone who posts something worth hearing. The tone is absolutley perfect, and you know your way around that song. Just goes to show you don't have to own a Fender to get that tone. Great job!
Wow that sounded great! You completely nailed that!

Also FWIW I believe Clapton used his '64 Es-335 for that song on the original recording so your on the right track with that Les Paul tone!