There are quite a few threads out there on how to hold one's pick... and I believe I have nailed that one.

However, I'm curious more about how you guys actually pick a string...and if there's a diff in the way you pick the low E vs the high E.

I've watched pretty much everything on the tube from Gilbert, and one run through he does I notice that the strings are barely vibrating when he picks them!

When I pick the low E, that thing is vibrating quite a bit.... but when I try to pick 'lightly' it sounds just that, like a light picking.
i pick individual notes with a lot of rotating wrist motion and at an angle, Gilbert shows the angle thing in some vid i saw on youtube
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I cannot pick quickly with the pointed end of the pick for some reason, so I flip it around sometimes.

Try gripping closer to the point, it helps me.
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Try gripping closer to the point, it helps me.

That's probably what prompted me to ask this. For when I choke up on the pick my finger ends up rubbing against a string or two, which can't be good...

So I went back and watched the videos... what I am looking for wasn't really covered.

Is the string plucked and if so is it with the tip of the pick? Most picks I see have somewhat rounded tips (with exception to the jazz iii of course) so it sorta slides off the string instead of pluck it. Yet again, Gilbert was playing some amazing riff's and I watched the strings - could hardly see them vibrating at all...as though it was nudged.

I dunno - just frustrated that I seem to pick each string differently somehow... even feels different. Sometimes it feels like the pick is sliding off the string, other times it feels 'right', yet it's not something I'm able to just duplicate at will. Was hoping someone could identify and point me in the right direction of items to practice....