ok before u start yelling an botering me IM A NOOB so dont laugh

whats a hammer on and a pull off? and do I need a pedal to do it? sorry if its too noob but i dont nou it
electric guitar forum... they are nicer there
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You hammer onto the next note with another finger. Pulling off the finger sounds the note beforehand. See?
really? Hammer on in putting one finger on a fret. Then striking the note. then, without moving your fretted finger, hammer on another finger onto an above fret. pull off is opposite
why not try looking it up next time?? There are plenty of lessons on UG and youtube.
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Lulzorz ya you need to buy a razorback before you can do teh hammers or the squealies or even sweep picks (they are special plectrums you get which help you glide along strings)