I'm having a little problem, i'm hardly getting annoyed about it, i'm just curious...I've been learning some Guns N' Roses, but it's all been in the wrong tuning, I was wondering, to down tune half a step/tone...i'm treying to Tune it to Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb...If I played the 3rd fret on the string, and then downtuned it half a tone, if I played the 4th fret on that string, should it sound the same to when I played it on the 3rd? I' curious because for some reason I don't understand it...Any help will be appreciated, Thanks.
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Yes it should. The way I do it is that I start with the high e and b strings. I'll play the 4th fret on the b string and tune the high e to it. Then i'll play the 5th fret on the b string and adjust it till it's the same as the high e. I continue this process. Once I finish the bottom e, I check the highest and lowest e to make sure it's the same.
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