I was looking at some tab for "Rebel Yell", and came across a section that went:

10 10
- then a bit that goes like: -
- -
4 2
4 2
2 0

Is anyone familiar enough with the song to even venture a guess as to if it's a mistake in transcription (after all, it's tab I got online)?

And would anyone have recommendations for sites online to get tab (other than here)?
It's played with double hand taps (hammer-ons)

Your right hand plays the treble notes, your left hands plays the bass notes. (or vice-versa)


I'm assuming you mean stuff like that.

that, or the tabber decided to put the rythm guitar WITH the lead guitar..

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to me it seems he put both guitars in there...unless of course he has 4 arms then its ok
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Ah, that makes it so much clearer. Thanks so much silent caution & Invokke Havokk.

I just started looking at tab (I've been working off of standard notation mostly), and I've been puzzling some of it out on my own, and then I see something like this and I can't figure out what the hell I'm doing *wrong*.