Can anyone help me? I have a few short questions.

1) Is it better to grip your pick with your un-used fingers loosley touching the palm of your picking hand or to have them simply sticking out however, im asking whats more benificial for playing. I usually never play without my fingers sticking out, this allows me to anchor if need be and its just the way I learned...

2) Again, whats more benificial, playing with a sharpened pick ( I use scissors to sharpen the pick) or just using the pick normally... I guess it depends really on playing style and the music your playing and if the pick is already sharp or not, but what about overall, whats better for me to use? I find sometimes picks have such a large end to it, i need to sharpen it...

3)Anchoring, besides keeping my handstead, does it do anything for me in the longrun? I dont like to anchor when i can help it... but is it bad if I get into the habit of doing it all the time

Thanks to all who can help.
1) Preferance. I used to hold my 3 fingers out, but now I use a ist.

I suggest not anchoring, I can see no benefit to it. If you have problems finding which string to pick when 'floating', that comes with practice.

2) Preferance, but I have never heard of anyone sharpening their pick....

3) Don't.

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