Can i connect directly my 8ohm 4x12 cab into the Behringer v-amp pro . i currently have the v-amp 2 ... but theres no output except headphone and midi . heres the back panel of the v-amp pro . :


the description is not clear on the website .


or should i go with a behringer vtone gmx1200h ??? ( the v-tone is analog )

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i had a behringer and i wanted to kill myself. it was the worst amp ive ever owned. please. buy something else.
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I agree, the things ive heard about Behringers are ALL bad. Please do not buy it because it is the 'budget' way to go....save up a bit more cash imo.
Behringer is the amp you buy when you want a reason to stop playing guitar. It will kill your passion and desire once it sucks the life out of your sound. Save up.
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i jsut wanted a modeler ..

i already have a 3 watt all tube amp into my 4x12 cabinet


or ill just stick with my v-amp 2 ... good advice guys ... ill save for good overdrive pedal for my tube amp to boost it instead of spending money on that .

i already have vox amplug , behringer v-amp 2 , roland micro cube .

thx ( i reasd the review about the v-tone and people rater it 10 /10 ) but i guess thats scam .
Bedroom rock star :

- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
- Agile 3200 Slim