ok, I just bought an Epiphone Valve Junior. I don't have a cab. I'm saving up for a cab and I want to know if I could hook up my head to a little practice amp in the input?
i suppose you could but youd have to do a clip or something but idk the details but yeah you can.
I use a line 6 what of it?
No ( or not that i can think of ) .. and match the impedance cause youre gonna fried your amp ...

dont power the unit unless theres a cab plugged in it . its really important .
dont try anything until you have a cab .

read the Q and A about tube amp for more info ...
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There is a chance it will screw up the head. Personally I wouldn't risk it unless I knew 100% what I was doing.

EDIT: What cab are you planning on purchasing btw?
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There are no such things as stupid questions....

Yes there are.

And this is one of them. Sorry.

Hooking a valve head up to a chincy practice amp is going to

A) Blow the speaker in the amp and fry the practice amp.
B) Sound like crap.
C) Sound like crap and THEN blow the speaker of the practice amp.
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its not a stupid question IMO..

it would have been possible if the Epi valve JR had a Line out to plug into the LIne in of a solid state amp .... then you would have been fine to run it without any danger of blowing it .

question : does your head have the 4 /8 /16 ohm output ???? i heard the new version have it . that will give you more choice .
Bedroom rock star :

- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
- Agile 3200 Slim