hey, anybody know of some good music in drop d tuning? i've been playing a lot of tool stuff, but i was just wondering what else was out there in drop d. sounds pretty sweet. thanks
Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against. Just learned it, and I can't get it out of my head...very catchy and an absolute blast to play. The song is very entertaining for listeners even with out the lyrics (I don't sing) This was my 1st drop d song. I got the tab from Guitar Pro, but most of what I learned came from You Tube. There are several people who teach it there, just pick out the one you like.
Pretty Peopl Never Lie, Vampires Really Never Die by I Am Ghost. It will be difficult for minors at guitar, but if you know what you are doing, you should be able to learn it. I made the tab for it, but i still need to work on it. For the solo i prefer the other tab by georgeow.
Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against

+ 1 and + all (well most) rise against songs.

Juliana Theory is a lot of drop d and some drop c,
Hopes fall

sorry for the vauge references, but most of it is drop d, just pick a song
avenged sevenfold, some old trivium (new trivium is in standard 7 string), erm I THINK blacktide, but not sure on that one
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