I know that a good used guitar can be better because its cheaper, broke in, and most older guitars are the best, but its just the thought of it that someone else has already had this guitar and it has already been through things and a new guitar is all your own. You are starting anew with YOUR guitar that is fresh for all of the memories with out the memories of previous owners. I knoe it seem lame but its just how I feel.
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Memories be damned, buying used will save you a ton of moeny.

This. Also, Clapton's original Blackie(Granted Blackie was really three used strats made into one, but meh, all were used) and 335, Gilmour's original Black Strat, Andy Summers' original tele, The Edge's Explorer, and many other famous guitars are secondhand for their famous owners. And don't tell me those guitars don't have memories.

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New guitar's get scratches and dents anyway.

Nothing beat's a vintage guitar.
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Its not about if the guitar is new and you start fresh with it. Its about how you connect with that guitar from the start, new or old. Thats what I look for.
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I guess I phrased it wrong. They both are good this way. I would break everypeice of equipment I own and the les paul im gonna buy just to be able to BORROW Pete Townshends No. 3 Les Paul from the 70's era. and also another thing is you wanna have a good story behind your guitar,like "this was my grampas and B.B. King played it once" or"I found it in a pawn shop where the owner was just gonna throw iot out" or something
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guitars don't get thrown out unless its a POS and I wouldn't buy a used POS.
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What if the pawn shop owner hated guitars and wanted to destroy it because his mission was to destroy all the guitars in the world?
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How old are you again?

Take for instance my guitars. They are no longer made, not easy to find. My Pacer was in a series of the first production guitars to be sold stock with an OFR. Kinda cool I think. Anyways like I said its what the guitar says to you, and how it feels when you play it. If its been played by good players before hand and taken care of I'll gladly take it. If no one played it much fine thats great too. If it was abuse, whats the point?
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i bought my schecter used. but it felt so good when i played it. everything was right, now i want to make some mods, but not to change the feel, but to enhance the sound, and give me more options. A guitar that feels good and sounds good is a good buy, used or new.
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This. Also, Clapton's original Blackie(Granted Blackie was really three used strats made into one, but meh, all were used) and 335

wasn't his 335 his first new guitar? I remember reading that he got one for £100 in the 60's. I'll look up the exact part, but I remember reading it in his autobiography.
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you read that to? he is quite the messed up guy.....
a guitar is like a woman, no matter now much its been around, if you connect with it, your gonna love it despite its flaws
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I prefer buying new, just because I feel more secure having a warranty in case something went wrong. I dunno, maybe that's just me.

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I bought my last guitar (1989 MIJ Strat) used because:
a. It was only $400
b. It played better than all other guitars in its (and my) price range
c. I just liked it a lot.

If I like a used guitar more than a new one, I'll buy the used one.
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If you know enough about buying guitars then buying used gives you a whole load more guitars to choose from. Also you could save yourself some money. The only problem is if anything is wrong you have to fix it rather unlike with a new guitar. Due to some peoples hygiene habits I would recommend give a used guitar a very good clean and changing the strings straight away.
It'll save you a ton of money and if it's a more expensive guitars it's often in a almost new condition.

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its really the same... but its much more cheaper to buy used...

i have bought recently an Ibanez Prestige used and i LOVE it!

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I prefare new.
My strat Highway One HSS is the best guitar ever!
I don't like all the scratches on the old ones.
I like a brand new one!
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I love new guitars but I would rather have a great used guitar for the price of a good new one. You can always set it up the way you want it. That's half the fun.
90% of guitars that you buy at stores are "used" anyway. you prob have no idea how many times that guitar has been tested out...how many people have touched your "new" guitar.
A few scratches (if there are any at all) does not affect tone and does not really affect the looks because they're so small. but it seriously affects the dollars you can get it for. I got an $800 for 400 bucks.
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Aye, there is only one single solitary item that you can really economically justify buying new: tubes. If you are buying anything else new ( unless it is a new product which is not yet available in the used market ), you are getting royally, inextricably, undeniably ripped off. Big time.

I got a Peavey XXX combo for $400 that retails for over $800, I got the BBE Sonic Stomp for $34 and it retails for $100, I got the Keeley Modded Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive for $75, and it retails for $190, I got the Les Paul Classic for $780 and it retails for $2,189, I got a 90's Mesa Dual Rec for $735 that needed a re-tube, and it retails for $1,799.

Granted, I've been seeking out used deals for many years, and have learned where to look, but the point remains: if you are buying new, you are wasting your money. WASTING!!
lumberjack, I agree with you. The advantage we have is that stuff for the most part is built really well. For example a 2 year old pedal or amp is like new if taken are of, to me theres no difference...except in the cost of course. Even artists buy used but mainly for older stuff they used to have that are no longer made. Hell just 2 years is nothing really, thats still a virgin. I got a Boss BF-2 from the early 80's that works perfect, few scratches but who cares. Like I said we have an advantage in music, we can buy 1 good guitar and it can last a lifetime. That doesn't exist elsewhere like computers, cars, electronics etc.
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i normally always buy used stuff, more than not its usually setup and feels great and if it has scuffs or scratches great cause im going to put them there myself too so i need not to worry about it, plus you can get some serious good deals on used stuff.

i bought my PRS new cause it played superb and was a great deal and mispriced for 450.00 when the same exact guitar next to it was 599.00

i got my Epiphone Dot used but it plays awesome and sound really good, its a comfortable guitar to play.
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a lot of used guitars come from people who thought they would take up guitar, but didn't; so they are practically new, with maybe 5 hrs playing time on them. I always go used unless I have no other choice. My amp and cabinet would have cost over 2200$ if bought new, but only cost me 1100$ used.
I prefere new guitars mainly cuz you can't always know why the seller of a used guitar wants to get rid of it... Maybe guitar wasn't his talent or he just didn't like the guitar or he just destroyed it so he wants to sell it:P There are always good offers out there so I think it depends.... If you make the right choice and buy a used guitar in good shape then good for you, if not then....
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