Hey guys our band's name is Clearwater and we have 2 new songs on our myspace page that we have wrote and are expecting lots more. We are a small band from Tennessee and we hope to start playing around more. We are pretty decent for our age and we have some really good lyrics...

The URL is www.myspace.com/clearwaterczt

We are saving to buy some better recording gear that's better than the Rockband USB mic that we are using now lol. We average in age at 13.5. So check us out and leave us a replies on what you think and you can also send us a request!
i dnk.....ummmm.

vocals on "heartbreaker' are weak...basslines are very "root note" orientated. The guitar work is average, drums are weak
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You guys are awfully young and miles ahead of where I was at that age, so you have so much time to develop and improve. But, you guys sound very predictable. I think you should keep practicing and writing before you have a myspace. Also, try broadening your influences.
Didn't sound very classic rock/southern rock - like to me =(
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did rock leave and I was unaware? o shi-

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No it didn't leave but it did create publicity lol. In order to get the publicity you have to make up a title like that even though we're not even close to where we need to be. THAT'S WHY WE NEED ADVICE
The riff to "Heartbreaker" is pretty good. Is that a cover? Before I listened to it I figured it'd be Led Zeppelin but I was wrong, is it by another band?

You guys are good for your age, definitely the only thing you can really do is practice and learn your instruments better, but you guys are already pretty decent.

And yeah, really broaden your influences to things not just played on the radio.

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Alice Cooper
David Bowie
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The Stooges

Try to listen to your influences' influences

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Bob Dylan - Woody Guthrie
Thanks man that was real helpful. "Heartbreaker" isn't a cover though, we wrote it ourselves.