Ive been playing since september. Im nit tat great at guitar and proly should be better than what I am but I dont practice much. The only solo that I can play(Well really have tried) is the Baba O' Riley solo and I can pretty much play the whole song. I know a few basic riffs and stuff but could I play the stairway solo? It actually lokes like the easiest part. I can play the Intro to stairway.
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you're asking us if you can play the solo?

just...try and play it and find out for yourself. what kind of question is that?
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You don't know until you try. Have a shot at it - if it's too hard try it slower. If it's still too hard, come back to it in a few months once you've learned more songs and solos.
Don't carbon copy it. Zoso himself improvised what you're hearing(He's said so in multiple interviews), follow his example ind improvise it.

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disagreed, first learn it from a tab, then if you have knowledge of scales and how to play in key you can improvise. it's not that hard, I learned it with slightly less than a year of guitar playing.


Stairway's solo's easy. Just practice it slow and get it up to speed if you have any issues
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when i learned the solo, it felt great... it took me a day or 2 but i got it down.
im still tweaking it 4 months later...
try it, watch some youtube videos, give it a shot