So i'm searching for a classic marshall sound, kinda like a plexi, jcm 800 or jubilee sound. I wanted a pedal that could give me a tone close of the classic marshall tone, since i already own a guv'nor GV-2 and although it is a good pedal it isn't really great. So i looked into the Radial Tonebone Plexitube and the Lovepedal Purple Plexi 800. Which one do you think would get me a closer tone or which other pedal could get me there? I'm looking for a variety of tones that include 70s rock, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and 80s hard rock including Guns n Roses and the jcm 800 sound
Amp isn't an issue since i'm getting a jcm 800 head later this year, although i'm currenly playin through an MG (i know it is REALLY bad).
Thanks a lot
I'd wait to get the head, all you should need with that head is a decent OD and an EQ and you'll get most any marshally tone you want.
Wampler makes some pretty nice plexi pedals and they can still be used when you upgrade. Low, mid, and hi gain switch to dial the amount you want.
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I heard the Plexitube was a beast and the quality from radial is top knotch you should also check out there Hot British.
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Look into the Brain wampler pedals like Scott Said, GREAT pedals.
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