As of right now.
This song, is very personal to me. I just wrote it, so its eh..but here.
tell me what you think.

I can’t help but to hope there’s more than this.
More than the pain and internal conflicts
So I’ll keep dragging on with these broken feet.
The taste you left was oh so bittersweet.

I’ve been fighting this.
For a long time running.
I’ve been hiding this.
So tell me what its like when broken can’t be fixed.

Tell me what it’s like when what’s wrong can’t be made right.
When waking up becomes a struggle.
And sleep has never been so appealing.
When you feel like there’s no reason to fight.

Tell me what it’s like when the spirit that has stood for so long, is broken.
Over a few word spoken.
To reach your breaking point.

A loss of will and words that kill.
An addiction to destruction, a mind that barely functions.
Somber eyes and blank, heartless faces.
This is when broken can’t be fixed.

So tell me what it’s like.