Hey since there are no good teachers around my area, I thought I would have a go at asking UG about my technique.

This is all for steel-string fingerpicking, not classical.

1. How do you tremolo pick?
2. Should I use a thumb pick?
3. Should I keep my hand rested on the guitar, or keep my wrist up and about right on top of the soundhole?
4. With my thumb should I pluck up or straight down so it kinda hits the next string?

That's all I have for now, I hope some one can help.
Ugh, I can only half answer this now. I've got a great book on fingerstyle technique but I'm at work atm so I haven't got access to it.

1. As far as I'm aware the best way to quickly pick single notes fingerstyle is to alternate the index and middle fingers (ie. 'walk' your fingers on the string)
2. I think this is a personal preference thing, try one and see if you like it!
3. ...this one I'm going to have to check...
4. I think it's down but with a circular motion to bring it back to 'neutral', not sure how you'd pick upwards...

I'll check this stuff when I get home and get back to you. You might also want to check out the acoustic forum, someone there might be able to answer better
Well first of all, IMHO, fingerpicking on steel string is a no go, especially if you have long nails (classical). I'd use a set of finger picks + thumb pick (check dunlop).

1. For tremelo I use my thumb and index and position them like a scissor repeatled swiping the strings.
2. personal preference
3. wrist up as it helps you quickly get ready for the parts where you have to double or triple pick strings
4. I go down when I'm playing low e or A string but when I get to the d I always use upstroke.
I'd say find techniques that work for you and are comfortable...

and amd123, why do you think fingerpicking on steel strings is no good?

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I meant finger picking with long nails on steel strings, cuz they'll break, i've broken some, not fun = no go