today i was so happy to get my guitar setup at best buy only to find out that they know nothing about guitars and adjustments. their is major fret buzz on my les paul.
the most noticable on the g string 13 and 15 fret. followed by a string secound fret. its a les paul so you should know what kind of bridge it is and can you tell me what to do about the fret buz and please include little details ive only been playing for 9 mths.

no i am not returing it to best buy to solve the problem took them a week to do a ****ty job on my guitar and im not willing to wait another week.
best buy looooooooooolz
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what the hell "even my chains...."

yeah, we dont wanna hear about your sexual devices, or anything of that matter.
"I was so happy to get my guitar setup at best buy"

that has to be the funniest thing ive read in a long time. If someone at best buy touched my guitar i would shoot them
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best but? wow, fail, on their part, not yours
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i know many of you guys are making fun of me but the closest guitar center is kinda far and best buy is like 5 mins away from me and thx you sacamano79
Well best buy is not the first place most of would think when needing our guitar set up. Not many of us would even buy equipment from em. Do your self a big favor and look up how to do it yourself. Its really nice to be able to solve these things yourself in a few minutes vs driving to the music store and waiting and paying. Its not that hard to do.