This isnt for any of my electrics, but I have this acoustic with a rosewood fretboard that hasn't been taken care of well, or played much in a while either. It needs something beside a wipe down, looks very weathered. I have this Goddards's Butcher Block & Cutting Board Oil (Its Clear). It says it uses only 100% pure white mineral oil and is safe for contact with food, FDA approved, ideal for all natural wood surfaces, and won't turn rancid like vegetable oil. Ive never oiled any of my electrics, since my finger oils seem to be enough, but no fingers have touched this faded rosewood for some time. If I used it, I planned on applying a very minimal amount (couple drops). Has anyone used cutting board oil before, and do you think it'd be safe?
Try a little bit. since alot of oils for fret boards from what ive seen have been based off of mineral oil