Ok, so I just got my 2nd instrument for $200 bucks at a pawn shop, it appears to be a B.C. Rich Bich (6-string), but the knobs are out of place, and it looks kind of old, so I think it's from a discontinued line of Bichs. Anyway, whoever last owned it REALLY messed up the bridge and string height. There is WAY too much action as I go up the neck (towards the pickups), and the action is so low at the bottom of the neck that it buzzes against the frets. I have no clue how to fix this, and I'm sure that if I try I'll just mess it up more. How much do you guys think a trip to the repair shop will cost?
it could deed a simple set up, or of could be worse and the neck is warped and need replacement....
Take it to a local guitar shop, buy a new set of strings, and get them to re-string it/give it a proper setup. It shouldn't cost anymore then $40.00, like mikeyElite said!
Knobs out of place how? re-drilled? What does the truss-rod cover plate say? Old model BC riches are sick, new ones suck balls, unless there top $$$ high-end. I just got rid of two, PM me for more info.