I am new to this forum but have been using the Guitar pro site for ages. I am looking for the Tab or even just the chords of the following song:

In your Light, by Jon Allen.

You can listen to the song at the following link:


I would be extremley grateful for any assistance!


Yes I like the song too so I've done a bit of work on it. He sings it in Bb.
I'll just give you one verse and one chorus (all the others are the same) and if you listen to the song you'll get the timing (I think it's 75 bpm).
On some sites, I find that the chords written above the words sometime get out of register so I've written the chords directly in front of the word where it changes.
(Bb) When the (Gm) sun is gone (F) away (F)
(Bb)) In the (Gm) darkness of the (Eb) night (Bb)
(Eb) I don’t (F) have to look too (Gm) hard to (Eb) see
(Bb) That I’m (F) living in your (Bb) light

In your (F) light, in your (Gm) light
(F) There’s no (Eb) shadow there’s no (Dm) dark (Eb) ness (add another Eb or leave a bar gap)
(F) I don’t (Eb) feel alone with (Dm) out (Eb) you
(Bb) Cause I’m (F) living in your (Bb) light

Hope that helps.
The tune starts with the notes
(D) When (F) the (G) sun (F) has (D) gone (Bb) a.. (C) way
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It's close but not quite right. I can't put my finger on it. There's definitely a Bb instead of an F at the start of the second and third lines of the chorus, but other than that I can't really work anything else out.
I hope there's someone out there who can make a decent set of chords for this and a solo tab would be good.
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I saw the live version and the tuning is standard 1 step down (that means DGCFAd). I'll tab it as standard tuning..

some chords:
Am/G: 3x2210
C/Bb: x12010
Dm7: xx0211



C G Am Am/G F
Dm7 G11 Am D9/F#
C-C/Bb-D9/F#-G11 C (G11) [2X]

G E Am C E Am Fm
C C/Bb F F-C-Dm G11 C (G11)

verse, chorus..
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OK so I got it wrong - but I tried - and I was fast with it!
But I've learnt it like that and it ain't getting changed! Done a solo too and made a CD for the lady in my life - and she's a happy bunny.
A# F Gm D#
Cm Gm D#-D#m A#

F Gm A#-A#maj7-Gm-D#m

A# A#7 Gm Gm7
I don't feel alone without you
D# F A#
Coz I'm livin in your light

Ive written some chords if you serach in the U-G tabs, It isnt accurate to the song, but its easy and sounds just like the real thing, just you wont be able to play along side it, check it out I promise you they sound right