Quite unique. I like vocal line and the vox in general. The guitar tone is a bit tinny at times but I like the riffs. The out of key note with the piano is a nice touch. The percussion in the begging is cool [sounds like a stapler lol]. It great to hear something a bit different. Overall I really enjoyed it and it was a great listen.

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Writing as listening:

Hot for teacher much? Lol. I'm just kidding. Very strange melodies here in the heavy part. Quite a tinny guitar tone, could do with a dollop of bass all round tbh.
Piano? Love it. Adds a sense of the macarbe to the odd harmonies you have going on. You also have the vocal style for this sort of piece down to a tee IMO. Still needs more bass. I also love the stop start drums.
Chorus: after the vocal line ends, you SO need some guitar (or something) with heavy vibrato effect on to give a haunting effect.
Verse: Consider some effects on the vocals to make this even stranger, on the emphasis words of the lyrics
Chorus: same again.
Middle: This vocal effect is what needs to be introduced earlier, definitley. Nice revert to the intro, but have you considered adding extra harmonies to that guitar melody.
Chorus: I like the variation in the second chorus, but I don't like the revert back to the intro AGAIN. sorry.
Solid ending to a solid song.

Ok, so the proper review:

I liked it structuraly and lyrically, but the mixing let it down a bit. I also think it needs a little more craziness and demntia to really creep me out. All in all, you sound like a more evil and crazy Incubus, which to my ears is a good thing. Get this mixed right and you have a winner in a niche market.


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