I found out that my pickup has collapsed insine the guitar. What should i do? I have never disassembled a guitar so hints are needed.

1. Change the stupid thread title.

2. take off your strings.

3. take off your pup surrounds via screwdriver.


5. PROFIT!!!

If something doesn't line up, you know where your issue is.

take of the strings and take off the screws in each coner of the pickup surround, then get the screw holding the pickup in place put it through the surround then put the spring on then screw that into the pickup then replace the surround hope this kinda makes sense lol
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What is the point with the title? I accidently my pickup... it doesn't even make sense..
the thread title sounds like something someone would say in a youtube comment.
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Unfunny meme in thread title is unfunny.

Take off the screws of the pickup surround and it's quite obvious what you will have to do.