i need a boost pedal to get trough on concerts. i need sugestions for good and cheap (expensiv pedals if you dont know about any cheap pedals). or is it possibly to get same result with an eq pedal?
MR morgan
Yeah you can do it with an eq. If you push the level out higher it will boost your signal. It will on a be-7 (boss) atleast
If you're referring to an overdrive pedal when you say boost, then I'd say it depends if your amp/pedals can already produce the gain you need right now. If they can't, get the overdrive pedal as correct gain is number one. If they do, get the eq pedal; it'll prove to be be very useful and will actually widen your tonal capabilities.

If by boost pedal you mean volume boost, just get an eq pedal. All eq pedals except for mini ones (like the Dunlop 6-band IRC) have volume sliders on them so you can control volume. Again, very handy.