Right, I know there will be people here who use vista who also have this problem because I've read up on it and it seems common.

Whenever I open my videos folder, I get warning messages that read "COM Surrogate Error" every time the explorer tries to load/construct a video preview. Apparently this can be a problem caused by either not having the latest version of Nero or Divx, but I have Divx with the latest updates, and Nero doesn't have any connections with any of my media and is a reasonably recent version, so it's probably not those things. The videos still work but I get warning message after warning message and it's an enormous pain in the ass.

I can turn file previews off to fix the problem, but it's a bit of a duct tape fix because I like having previews for pictures and would like a different solution if possible (and I have read that there might be). The sites I've investigated only specifically suggest the three aforementioned potential fixes, so does anyone here know of any other ways to fix this annoying problem?

Thanks for any help I get.
If divx didnt fix it, itll be another codec. Search for the klite codec pack, or the community codec pack or something, those are the two that seem to make everything work just right. I had that error too, its a right pain, but it is fixable.
I used the bottom fix in Shaunedy's link and it works perfectly, now I have previews for all non-video files and I don't have the warnings. The only thing is there is no image preview for videos but it's a very small price to pay so I'm happy.