I have been practicing..I have been trying to do death metal lower grunts, an high power metall yells.

Power metals going good..but death im still working on.

I decided to do te singing myself since i am a guitarist an couldnt find a singer.

I was wondering if i could get some tips..

go on my mp3s on my pro, an click random death grunts..an try not to laugh to hard.

I tryed XD Help appreciaed

And if this is in the wrong place, appologies.
Sounds good to me. I would like to hear your highpitched screams too if that not asking too much.
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haha, sorry bro i laughed. not because it was crap cause it was actually pretty good but beacause it was just weird listening to death grunts by them selfs. anyway, your alot better than i thought u were going to be. my only peice of advice (cause im a grunter to, lol) is to sing from ur gut and not ur lungs. breathe in really deep aswell. as i said you allready sounding pretty good man.
Singing in any form is usin the diaphram to connect with the notes your singing. The way my teacher always told me was to breathe through your feet. It sounds wierd and is of coruse im possible but the idea is to get the mindset to breathe so that your diaphram expands.

With proper breathing your range will increase dramatically, both lower and higher. Another thing you must make sure is to sing so the noise doesnt hurt your throat, even if it is grunts you want your voice to last, no imagine singing trough your nose.

Finally, less is more, you dont have to power to reach high notes, instead aim the sound to the top of your head and it will happen effortlessly.
LOL, I think you gagged at 0:43 thats happens to me everytime I try that so I gave up. Warm water is supposed to help. Other than that, sounds like it. Can you hit any vocals similar to 3 inches of blood, at the gates, exodus which sounds a lil less death metaly? If I could do vocals and had to choose I'd prefer to do screaming vocals over growling vocals. I imagine screaming vocals are harder and result in a greater gag reflexes. I don't know I gag everytime I try it.
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Heh, I'm not really into this kind of music...the way to ruin your voice...so I'm not gonna listen but...I guess...see what it sounds like with an arragement behind it.
A tip is to actually pronounce every letter in the word you're saying, it makes it a lot easier to understand what is being growled.