I was watching a video lesson of kse playing this fire burns and they were doing squealies on the 6th string in drop c!!!???? Basically I wanna know how because when I try it just sounds like vibrato, I mean I can do pinch harmonics, not fantastically but still. Please help cos I'm lost
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Practice pinch harmonics more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Practice pinch harmonics more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


practicing something means you can do them better?
If you can do pinch harmonics then thats all you need to know, like said above, so just practice them more and you'll get better until u can do them like adam d!
Lol. Vibrato is important. If you wanna get pinch harmonics on the Lowest string, you have to really give it some bend/vibration.

I find i can get them pretty sweetly out of an epi standard and my Ad30vt Vox. So i cant wait to get some new pickups or new guitar
A lot of their pinch harmonics are harmonized too, aren't they?
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When I first learned to do pinch harmonics I could never do them on the 6th string, just takes a lot of practise and learning where you need to pick the string to get the sound you want really
Just keep practising, and to add on to what everyone else said, I find it helps a lot to use the bridge pickup.
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^Also, try adjusting its height based on articles around the web.

Work your way up slowly from the d string to the low e, until you can do it unconsciously
make sure your hitting the right part of the string... i found that on the 6th string the most comfortable part to pinch for me would not produce a harmonic no matter how well it was done.
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There not called squelies

Haha, agreed. I hate that word, it doesn't do justice to the awesomeness that is pinch harmonics.

Practice makes perfect, seriously. I was in your spot a few years or so ago, regarding pinch harmonics that is, and after a while of trying the same thing over and over again, it just starts becoming easier. I can rip out huge, pure, wailing harmonics now, and it's all thanks to dedicated practicing. Just do it.