Yeah, I've always been wondering about that one too. Think it's something off the minor scale
It's a symmetrical pattern, which are kinda interesting.

They are based on how the notes are layed out on the neck, and it's not symmetrical interval wise, but more shape wise;

I transcribed it for you;


Then it goes higher up the neck and follows a same pattern, but the sequence stops earlier and he ends the lick by sliding in the 21st fret B string with a vibrato.

The 2nd sequence is based on; e|-17-12-| following the same pattern sequence as above.

All the notes are from E Minor pentatonic, and in the 2nd sequence if you still choose E Minor as the scale there is one note from the E natural minor scale, which is the C note (17th fret G string).

The vibrato note at the end almost act like a leading tone into an A note, and would suggest A harmonic minor,but it's pretty ambiguous, and doesn't really matter for the lick.

I'm pretty sure he just made the lick with that symmetrical pattern in mind.

Dimebag used this approach of soloing/licks quite often too.

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