Id just stick with a cable unless your gigging, cheap wireless systems are pretty crappy for sound. Only reason to have one is so you dont trip over wires when playing a gig.
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i'd go for a Shure wireless system.... you can pay from 300 to 3000 i think, but check it in musiciansfriend.com or samash.com , or whatever web you like

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I got a cheap one from ebay... Like £50.. It feels awesome being off the leash but yeah, i wouldnt record with it!!
yeh man the shure ones are good, can't notice any real difference in clarity at all
you'd need a receiver as well. those X2 wireless systems have been on sale at musiciansfriend for a while, they're good stuff.
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got an audio-technica Freeway 200 and it works great. been giging with it about a month and have had no problems with it. paid $120 canadian for it.
if you want a wireless system, be prepared to spend some good money. if you gig and such, it can be a pretty good investment to free you up on stage. however, i wouldnt consider any wireless system under $300 or so. under that you lose too much signal quality and can pick up too much interference.