I have a website called www.guitarliving.com.

EDIT: Post now up at http://guitarliving.com/?p=288

I have some reviews there of various pieces of gear I own or have used.

I will have a post to allow all of you guys who want to be part, to be able to post a picture of your pedals/pedalboard.

So let me know if I can have your support. If so, I will have the article where you guys can post your "pedals/pedalboard"

Id also like to know what it is that you like about the pedals you chose. I am always hungry to know about new pedals.


If you guys want a specific unit reviewed, I can see if I can get one to review. So let me know.
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To post the images a registration wont be required. They'd be posted as comments. The coolest images, will be placed as part of the main article, rather than the comments. It should be fun.
Do I have any other supporters of this. I want to know because I dont want to make an unpopular post, so I need to know if users will post their images. If so, I will have that post in a few days.

Let me know
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advertising for another website is against the rules.


I am not advertising anything. It is still guitar related, it wont make me any money, and I am a long time member of this forum (longer than you). I am not trying to violate the rules or anything. I just want to see if people are interested in such a thing. The mods may use my reviews and post them here if they want. I dont mind. I am not trying to make money after all.
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Quote by Skierinanutshel
advertising for another website is against the rules.


I've always thought this rule was a bit pathetic. Isn't UG a community? it's not as though he's posting links to a rival forum, it's just a cool little review site. The reviews on UG and Harmony-Central are unreliable, useless bollocks, and I don't see how the site can be any sort of threat.

I'm going to go and have a proper look it it now...partly on the strength of nyandres' avatar
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Sure you are. You don't have to be making money to advertise. It's against the rules, and being here for 3 months longer than somebody else does NOT mean that you know more.

EDIT: It's nothing personal, it's not that I don't think its a good idea. Its just against the rules. Put it in your sig or something.

*Reported again.
Don't post anymore. Its a warnable offense.

what makes you the ug police?
Guys check out http://guitarliving.com/?p=288 where I have no posted the article.

The Article for the posting of you pedals/pedalboard is now up.

Share the pictures of you pedals/pedalboard.

Just in case I have written instructions on how to add images in the article itself. I have began by posting my own pedal board. I have seen some really fancy pedalboards on this forum.

I hope to see images of your gear soon.
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