So, just wondering.. I am going to buy my next guitar,, and have narrowed it down to 2, Reverend's Gil Parris Sig. vs Fender Lonestar with HSS.

The Reverend is HSH with a Lace in the middle, while the Lonestar has a SD HB at the bridge...

So it comes to feel and quality... and so far the Reverend has the Fender beat.. but does anyone have an opinion on either?

I am looking for clear tone, with the ability to articulate each note/string clearly using boutique distortion on my Vox AD15VT. I need flexibility, to go from tele sound to strat to les paul in one machine.

I guess my question is really: Does anyone know how the reverend humbuckers in h S h position on their guitar compares to the Fender Lonestar hss?
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Its not about popularity, just because you think you should go for fender doesnt mean its right. If the reverend has fender beat in playability and sound, then go for it. I would not choose a guitar strictly on brand names or how popular it might be.
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