Been practicing intro this morning and I can only get up to 120 bpm so I have 50 more bpm to go. I was wonder for any of you that can play this how do you guys hold your pick because mines wanting slide away from me. I suck at playing on the g-high e string I need to practice. Any methods to get my accuracy on these high strings would be helpfull.
if your accuracy changes depending on what string you're playing, you probably need to go back to basics for alittle bit.

play the intro to that song very slowly and make sure you are playing constant even 16th notes using alternate picking (dont use economy for that riff it will not sound right if you do). Just sit there and grind at it for an hour nonstop and you should be much better (although you still might not be able to do it properly).

i say play the intro to that song rather then learning some other pattern because that part is quite good as an excercise.

edit: if you're having difficult holding your pick, it may be either your technique or the pick itself. try using different size picks, and be sure you're using at least a medium hardness pick (hard is best for doing alternate/economy stuff really). Some picks have dots/cut outs for grip. if you don't think its the pick, then you should spend a week doing nothing but picking excersizes. And don't just play mindlessly, examine your technique and think of ways to improve it.

edit2: im not sure if this is the best forum for your question either .
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