i have a 1980s kramer striker and its a pretty good guitar. it has a pickup conf. of H/S/S. i bought it from a guy who'd put a seymour duncan jb in the bridge (which sounds awesome) . it also has a coil tap in the bridge (which is also pretty cool).

well i think this guitar could be very versatile. but its the single coils that suck. they're pretty weak. i guess no one really ever wanted to change them becuase this guitar was meant to shred and they probably just played on the bridge the whole time. i play pretty much everything from blues to really hard rock

so my question is...what single coils should i put in that are a good combo with the jb and can still play what i play?
btw imo the old kramer guitars are completely bad ass. this one plays great and has a great sound in the bridge. if you are looking for an awesome cheaper guitar check out the old kramers. i havent checked out the new kramers though are they any good?