I am a amatuer writer, but i seem to have writers block atm. How do you start your songs? Do you right you lyrics first or the music? Any info would help.
Everyone does it differently.

I occasionally write the music first then write the lyrics when it's done and I can work them out over it properly.

Sometimes I come up with the lyrics first and then put music to it. I'm not so good at pulling the music from my head though, so it's rarer that I do that.
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I do music first but i played with some guys who did lyrics first then put them to a harmonyt and then melody but i almost always start with the melodic line, then develop a harmony then lyrics
I do them both separately. I write music and I write lyrics. So I guess I write music then find some lyics I've written that fit. Everyone is different.
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I think if you write lyrics and write music, do whichever you have inspiration to do at the moment. I'm a good writer, but I'm not a good poet/artistic writer, so if I do write any lyrics for my songs, it would be full song first before any lyrical input.
find a topic your fascinated with or find problem. i found a bunch a kids in my school trying to be someone else and i wrote one of the best/only song i wrote musically and lyrically