I want to know how long it was, when you guys started ,before you could play a complete song? I been started about 3 wks and i aint close!
it takes a while to just get used to the guitar and playing so it takes a while. Keep trying, it'll come with time
whats kickin my arse is moving fingers from chord to chord! Makes me want to cuss!
ive been playing guitar for over 3 years now, and ive completed one song. most times its either a song without words or words without a song tho. keep on tryin, youll get there.
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whats kickin my arse is moving fingers from chord to chord! Makes me want to cuss!

then do it. cuss your wee lil heart out. then get back to work
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It took me 6 months to get used to picking the correct string without staring at my picking hand. But I am in no way musically gifted and I play/learn with what I'm given.

Black Sabbath's Electric Funeral is a great song, especially for beginners. It's got hammer/pulls, bends, slides, vibrato, power chords, left hand muting, palm muting, and strumming. Not to mention no solo and you get to use a Wah-Wah pedal. It's perfect if you want to tackle a ton of techniques at once.
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I've been playing for about 1,5 years, and there are few songs that I play completely.
Since I play mostly metal and most of the songs have at least one difficult riff or solo, it happens a lot that I only learn how to play a riff or two of each song.

But back to topic, with time I'm sure you'll be able to play few complete songs, sooner or later. Why don't you try Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams? It has a cool and easy, instrumental and you could even atempt the solos later, as they're really easy.
I'd recommend Iron Maiden - The Trooper. It's quite a simple song, no hard parts and the solo is especially easy.
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House of the Rising Sun on my classical was the first song I learned. Took a couple weeks from me picking up a guitar for the first time to learning it.

.... I was unemployed at the time, so all I did was play guitar :p
about...9 months into my first year i got through the whole song. Now if you mean WITHOUT a single mistake, it took me 2 more months to perfect it, but I'm a loser with no life xD so I had a lot of time.
It largely depends on what song you want to play, or what you are learning. Add in that some people will naturally progress quicker than others and then the 'you get out what you put in' factor and there are plenty of variables.

Try working through these, they'll help a lot and you'll be playing full songs very quickly whilst learning along the way.


If you want good video instruction try here.


Good luck and have fun.