I have a question. Right now my guitar has 10's. I want to put 11's on.

Right now the guitar nuts "sockets" seem very tightly "filled" with the 10's. My question is if 11's will fit the nuts string sockets. I'm assuming 11's are thicker?

i went from 9s to 11s on my les paul and i didnt have a problem.
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You shouldn't have any trouble with the nut.
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Quote by CemetaryGates90
i went from 9s to 11s on my les paul and i didnt have a problem.

I have been debating this on my LP also, what are the differences in your sound, playability, etc. that you have noticed? I have 10's on mine but have thinking about the switch for a while.
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Quote by CemetaryGates90
i went from 9s to 11s on my les paul and i didnt have a problem.

Did the same on my Ibanez and only needed a truss rod adjustment.
I have 13s on my LTD and they fit in the nut. Though I may go down to 12s next time I buy new strings since I dont go lower than Drop C anymore.
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I went from .10's to .11's to .13's on my paul in the past few months, and I have to say: I had no problems with the nut what-so-ever. I did have to file the nut on my Strat when I put .13's on that. You shouldn't have any problems. You may have to tighten your truss rod a bit after the strings pull on your neck a while.

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well if you are going to put 11's in there and you are tuning you standard you cant use 9's anymore cause it will really mess up the nut. at least that's what happened to my friend's guitar.
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I use 10's
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