everytime i play with my pinky i have to lift it up first. i still can play pretty fast but i know i can play faster if i didnt have this problem. how can i stop this? this still happens no matter how fast/ slow i play. thanks in advance
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lift it up??? maybe you should adjust your wrist position?

no, i think my wrist position is fine.
my pinky is just retarted
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Do some exercises. You pinky is probably atrophied after years of underuse.


This one is a CLASSIC. Really works, too, esp. for exercising dead pinkies. Just be patient, take the exercise slow and make sure you've got it perfect, then start speeding things up. Works like a charm.

i already do this and pretty damn fast . its not that i dont use my pinky. i use it as much as i can.
heres what i mean:
when im going 1-2-3-4 my pinky automatically lifts up before i hit the note
for some reason when im playing 4-3-2-1 its fine
If your pinky is getting messed up on that exercise, you need to keep practising. Work through the exercise nice and slow, and just concentrate on giving your pinky a smooth, fluid motion.

You might be able to play it fast, but it sounds like you're probably not playing it properly.
I know exactly what you are talking about, as I've had this problem myself. It's a tension thing. Just give the licks you are working on plenty of love at a speed you can play them cleanly without tension, and eventually it will go away.