im not sure if this thread belongs here, if it doesnt just tell me, ill delete it

if you dont know already ATR is All That Remains. how much experiance do you need to play there songs?

btw, this isnt a ATR bashing thread. ATR is my fav band so if your gonna say something bad leave now
Well, i guess you mean how many years would it take to shred..It's upto the individual.

But, id say, depending on age, if you played for about 4-5 years, youd have a good go at some shredding. I've seen videos of shredders after 5+ years, so its not impossible, but very improbable. lol.

You need to be able to play flawlessly slow, before you can play flawlessly fast
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time playing isn't indicative of skill level. Obviously, you're going to need to master some basics like palm-muting and alternate picking. It's also a good idea to manage string skipping. trem picking, galloping rhythms, and sweep picking riffs as well. ATR is rather technical for the metalcore genre, but I would suggest playing easier *core band's music first, because you'll get a better feel for the genre, the specific techniques which seem to frequent the genre, etc. It's an easier transition to playing ATR than simply starting with ATR. I had been playing some 3 years before playing an ATR song. However, it may be extremely different for each player, just don't rush into things, challenge yourself but don't make unreachable goals
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You need a skill level of 5.64 before you can attempt this song.
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