I need some help. I'm new to Guitar (playin since x-mas), i'm thinking about getting an amp head and a module. I have a friend that is gonna help me set it up (if it requires it).

The 2 Items i want to get are

Randall MTS Series Mr. Scary Guitar Preamp Module
Link to Mr. Scary Preamp Module
Blackheart BH5H Little Giant 5W 120V TUbe Guitar Amp Head
Link To BH5H Amp Head

I'm just not sure if the 2 will work together. When I was looking at the Preamp Mod there is another section that said people that looked at the mod also bought the Amp Head but i'm not for sure.

Any Help Is Much Appreciated. Thank You
if you have been playing for what 3 months.. you shouldnt be spending the money for an amp head.. get a 30w combo or something
no they arent compatable and dont get a half stack.get a small combe(speakers and head built into one casing basically)

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.. a combo? its the speaker and EQ stuff all in one.. hold on

that would be an example of a combo amp ^
just stay away from line 6.. ive also heard the marshall mg series blew chunks

I'll take a look at it

Thanks for the Info Egg. The Amp Heads and stuff that the info for the Mod said were compatible were all like 1K+
^yup thats a combo.line 6 and marshall mg's do indeed suck gooey ass biscuits.wat sort music do u play ts?

Tell me what nation on this earth, was not born of tragedy-Primordial
ts to use the randall mts series pre amps you need one of
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