Epiphone prophecy guitars. Look nice and cheap, but they have 24 frets and i'm wondering if they can do that with a 24.75" scale. And how are you supposed to reach those last two on a les paul?? They dont say scale on musiciansfriend, so im asking here. Maybe they pushed back the neck pickup, but they wouldn't do that would they?? Thatll just kill the point of a les paul with the fat warm neck pickup tone. Meh. Just wondering. Respond if you want to.
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You could have 50 frets (Theoratically, if they all fit) on any scale length.
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It's a 24.75'' scale... And yes the neck pickup is a little bit pushed back and I've already played one of those and the access to the higher frets is relatively easy...
I have the EX version and yeah the last frets get pretty hard to reach. It isn't AS bad if you are sitting down but if not, around the 19th and up can be tricky. Really nice guitar though and other than that it plays/sounds awesome. This guitar is rock/metal all the way.
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