I've been playing for about two years. I have a poor practice routine, so my improvements only come through pushing myself to keep up with my MP3 player. Anyway, in general, I can keep up, but today, I was playing Snow(Hey Oh) by RHCP, and I felt both hands hurting with the main riff. That's bad, right? I wasn't playing it cleanly, either.

Also, I have trouble playing downstroked rhythm parts fast.

I assume the answer to both problems is just slowing it all down, but I don't see how it could help, because my problems come from playing fast - I can do it just fine slowly.

Should I just bite the bullet and play it all at 60bpm?
Play it ONLY as fast you can can play it PERFECTLY. Get you a metronome so you can hold a steady pace. Try doing this daily for about 1 month, then see how you have progressed.
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tap a slow rhythm with your foot, and play the riff. speed the tempo up gradually, but stop when you start making mistakes.

it's not the easiest of melodies to play, but warming up and practising before you attempt it a tempo will help you
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Are you using alternate picking?

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Playing it slowly builds muscle memory.

If you can play it as slowly as you can play it perfectly (which may be medium speed) then slowly build it up by 2-3bpms.

Once the muscle memory develops, you'll see the change.

I went from playing some things at 80bpm to 120bpm+ from doing this.

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I used to be terrible at alternate picking and my speed was severely hampered by that fact... Once I developed decent alternate picking I was able to improve my speed.

So when you can, minimize excess motion by plucking up/down/up/down and it should help you out a lot, also with moving from string to string.

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try learning master of puppets for some real wrist pain haha... it took me a good 4 days or so to get the speed of james and kirk's fast downpicking on the song... and don't even get me started on Blackened haha.

what i did though was start downpicking slowly and start going faster and faster and keeping a steady pace...
The main Snow (hey oh) riff is basically chord inversions - so you should hardly have to move your fretting hand, and try alternate picking it

If you can't play it fast slow down, and break it into phrases (or chords in this case lol)