I've been searching the forums and other sites for information about Seymour Duncan Livewires, and haven't come up with too much.

I just had questions as to how well the pickups perform for metal (obviously). Do they have a good mid-punch?

I was specifically looking at the Dave Mustaine Livewires, more due to the fact that I greatly admire Dave's tone, and he uses those pickups. I know his sound has to do with his rig more than just pickups, but I'm still curious, especially since I'm thinking of changing pickups on my Les Paul.
So yeah, in terms of getting a Megadeth tone, how do the Lievewires perform?

I know you guys will ask for my amp, seeing as how I am asking more for me (although as well as in general for more info), I have a Marshall DSL 100watt head, with 1960SL cab.
Also, I've been finding the amp real 'trebly', and was wondering if a pickup swap will help.

I would like this to be a thread for Livewire information, seeing as how there isn't a thread specifically for it already in existance.

Thank you.
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I've got a Classic LiveWire in my neck and Metal LiveWire in my bridge. I think they sound awesome. The Metal LW isn't very versatile as it is always distorted. I believe Dave's LW's are even more distorted so if you want to play any clean leads make sure to have a Classic LW in the neck position.
from what i could find they have pretty good mid's and beings their what Dave uses himself, is should help uoy come closer to his tone
and pups can really effect tone, when i switched the pups in my strat, the fender amp i was using at the time was really trebly sounding but the pups helped balance it out a lot
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I'm guessing that's the reason why I never see Dave playing anything clean. For A Tout Le Monde, he gets Broderick to play the clean. And he's distorted when the recording for Trust is clean in the middle section of the song. Then again, that's why I have more than one guitar...

And I'm glad to hear that different pups with help balance the treble frequency. Thanks so far, fellas.
I'd also so it depends which era of Megadeth you'd like to sound like. Dave started using the LiveWires relatively recently. It says on wikipedia that Dave used a Seymour Duncan JB-4 and Jazz-2 in his Jackson guitars.
True enough, there is a difference in tone. however I believe he's kept the same 'comcept' or idea tone-wise.
But yes, recently, such as the United Abominations album. Though i'm not looking for his exactly tone, obviously, just something similar so I have somewhere to build from, you know? Especially in looking for better pickups.
Ha, my threads seem to die so fast, sorry, just thought it could be imformative for others as well.
and the "what amp?" threads get more than this? At least I'm finding this humorous, ha.
unless they're significantly cheaper (which i suspect they probably are) i'd be looking at blackouts instead because i've heard they're really awesome
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unless they're significantly cheaper (which i suspect they probably are) i'd be looking at blackouts instead because i've heard they're really awesome

they're $10 more
the blackouts just took the livewires place in the duncan line, the only reason the livewires still around is because it's a mustaine sig and he didnt switch
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So livewires are discontinued? (except for the Mustaine sig).
So, no experience with blackouts being better than livewires, just 'what I've heard/read'?
The LiveWires are based off the Duncan JB and Jazz. So the bridge will have that nice mid cut. Being active, they will also handle unwanted noise better and will have a tighter lowend which the JB struggles a bit with at high volume, high gain playing.
As for Dave Mustaines UA tone, it had more to do with his Rocktron Prophecy preamp than his pickups. A boosted JCM 2000 will get you there, or a JVM's 0range and red channel without a boost.
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