SO I got two broken amps for free, and I want to try and repair them myself to start learning. I have done many guitar electronics and various other electronics repairs, and would like to get into guitar amp repair.

Are there any online resources for guitar amplifier repair?

ANyone on here that works as a repair tech that can give me some advice?

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What amps are you trying to repair?

I echo this
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I know that a solid state amp is probably not the easiest thing to repair, but I gotta start somewhere.

I'm more looking for general info on how to repair amps, not necessarily how to fix these particular amps.
^you have to start somewhere, but this isn't the place. It would be like trying to learn physics before you learn to multiply and devide. You may be able to find schematics on websites like schematic heaven and there are a few amp repair forums online that you will find if you google amp repair forum but none of them are going to be able to help you with a project like this unless you already know how to fix amps.

Get the 3 books written by Gerald weber of Kendrick amps and that will get you the basic knowlege you need to start trouble shooting in basic valve amps, then work your way up from there.
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I have his desktop reference, along with "The Tube Amp Book" and Dave Hunter's books on amps and effects. I'll have to look at his other books, as they appear to be more related to the repair side.

What are some of the websites you mention?

ALso, what would be some good amps to start repairing?

Keep in mind that I'm not new to electronics, I've re-wired car ECU harnesses for engine swaps, guitars, effects, audio systems, and my college sr. design involved wiring all the control systems for a large-scale model airplane. I'm good at soldering and handy with a multimeter, just don't have experience with amps.

I'm kinda bummed that these may not be a good starting point, but at least the Fender had a nice Jensen 12" and the Marshall has a decent Drake transformer.
So I think I've narrowed the marshall's problems down to the output transistors, I think the fender 85 deluxe's board is water damaged beyond repair.

Anyone have any recommendations for amp repair? Other good books, websites, resources?

Also, what would be some better 'beginner' amps to repair?
^IMO the best beginner amp to repair is the bassman ab165. It's a great beginner amp because it's cheap, has no temolo or reverb to clutter things up and when the amp is stock it still needs fixed even if it isn't broken. You can blackface the power amp and negative feedback. Tweed style amps and early marshall amps are are also good in terms of not getting in over your head. The only trouble is that even the broke ones are expensive. The real key when looking for a fixerupper is to find something that doesn't have any built in FX or FX loops. EQ is ok but anything more complicated than that should be avoided.

I think it sounds like you have some good literature in terms of getting you started. I wish I could help you on the website front but I have never gotten a usable answer to a question on any of the electronic websites I've been on. They spend lots of time talking about how they could do it with no problem and if you don't know how then you must be a noob but none of them will actually answer any questions.
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