I have recently sold my line 6 spider, to buy a Blackstar HT-5. But now i need to decide on what pedals to get to get the most out of the amp, in terms of mulitpul overdrive levels.

Im already getting the DL 4 multi delay pedal for all the effects that i will miss off my line 6.

My first instict was to get a HT-Dual Pedal, to push the channels but a friend told me that they were just the amp in a pedal. So i though maybe i should get a multi channel stomp box like the 'T-Rex Spin Doctor Overdrive Preamp'

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIbarTPNJkg

but i want to know if that pedal will control my amp so to speak, like bringing out the sounds of my amp with differnt levels of overdirve or will it have it own sound kinda thing.

Could anyone help me out with options for my new amp.