I'm looking for a song to improve on the speed of my picking and overall technique. To get an idea of my skill level, I can play Satriani's Ten Words and Orion by Metallica (except for the final section of the last solo which I can't play full speed). I can do pinch harmonics, and my basic technique is good.

The genre of the song doesn't matter too much to me.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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there is a sticky in advanced techniques
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Something like Metallica's battery would be great for picking and overall technique.. Angel of Death by Slayer too, its a freat song for picking practice, i figure
try some of satch's faster stuff, and btw i love ten words, im doin it in the talent show at my school in a couple weeks

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It doesn't matter what you practice - everything you practice will improve your accuracy provided you make a point of playing accurately.
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there is a sticky in advanced techniques

Where did it go? AT has dissappeared from the musicians forum

Followed the link in Freepowers sig, can't find anything. Hope they didn't delete the master sticky :/