My little squier sp-10 died at today's band practice. Furthermore, I am looking into buying a new one.
How much power do I need to play with the band some small gigs? I expect 30 watts will do , won't it?
However, I'm a little lost. Should I buy a clean amp and a effect pedal or an amp with built-in effects?
I play metal and punk rock, like Metallica, Sum 41, Fonzie, Green Day, Tara Perdida... etc

What do you think I should do?

P.S.- My guitar is a Squier Standard Strat.
peavey vypyr 30 or peavey vypyr 75 get it!
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30 watts should be fine for small gigs

most amps come with boat a clean and distortion channel, if you buy an amp without effects and pedals it effects will be better quality and a bit easier to adjust but more expensive
if you buy an amp with effects it will be a lot cheaper in the long run, it's up to you

for an amp without effects look at Peavey Envoy, for a modeling amp(with effects) check out the Vypyr 30
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