Hi I have a question on hooking my electric up to my computer to record.

I have a peavey vypyr amp and the only output on it is one of those mini jacks ( a headphone output)

So my question is,
If I want to hook my guitar up through my amp and have it record on my computer, what will I need to do this? Would I just need a cord that can go from a mini jack on my amp to a mini (headphone) jack on my computer?

Like would it work to plug it in directly from my amp output to my headphone input on my computer? Or would I need something different?

The easiest way to do it is to go from amp output right into your mic jack. Thats what it was designed to do.
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Well, I know you can get an adapter for a dollar or two that will snap on to the end of a headphone cord. But I'm pretty sure you can't record with the headphone slot...
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I think you are better off buying a cheap microphone...
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Sorry I meant to say plug it from the output on my amp into the MIC jack on my computer. that would work, correct?